Getting Started With My WordPress Site

I’m somewhat familiar with what WordPress can do, but have a long way to go. One of the first steps I need to take before I get to publishing and sharing my website with others will be to visualize what I would like my website to be able to do. Visualization of what I want will be the ultimate key for configuring how my site should be designed, organized, and published. I’ll begin with a few adjectives. I envision people visiting my site for the first time and saying:

  1. Wow! This site is visually appealing! (Appealing)
  2. Looks like he can do just about anything he sets his mind to. (Impressive)
  3. He needs to work with me. (Available)

All in all, with my site I’m hoping to appeal to my audience, impress them with what I can offer, and make my services/experience available to them. These are the leading words that I will be using to sculpt the rest of my site. I encourage this strategy for anyone seeking to do any type of creative development that will be public to others.

When I go to an art museum, I look at a piece of work and am usually able to describe how that piece makes me feel with a few adjectives. This same principle applies to web development. It is an art as my as it is a logical development.

In the next blog post I hope to expand on these adjectives by thinking about a large list of functions my site could have to meet these visual adjectives.