Paying less taxes legally…

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a video, not much different from the many thousands of other videos like it on YouTube. However, the video served as the direct precipice for my “ah ha” moment towards a deeper understanding of how people can pay less and less taxes while earning more and more money. If you want to check out the video right away, here it is:

I know that many people may have mixed feelings about hearing messages like those described in the video. Concerning it is, to think that several major components of what we believe keeps our society and, for better or worse, our country in check are seemingly emblazoned with the seal of a con artist. We can think this way for sure. No doubt about it. But, it surely isn’t the only way of thinking about it. Quite possibly, it never was designed to be the way it currently stands. The way people like the “Rich Dad” describe the economy may have never been by design, but ultimately just a consequence of capitalism running rampant amongst the mindset of only a select few.

There are numerous ways to earn income, passively, while also restricting what is taxable income. For instance here are a few ideas:

  • Real Estate
  • Owning a Business
  • Roth IRA

Until tomorrow…think critically, friends.

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