Donate Crypto

Donations are most welcome!

If you’d like to support my efforts in developing this site, donations are more than welcome. The donations will allow me to further develop the following for my personal website:

    • A collection of my custom-DIY guides for the various hobbies and projects I’ve engaged in over the years.
    • Portal for one-on-one meeting with me scheduling page.
    • More blog posts for tracking all my crypto and investment-related activities.
    • A library of all the books and resources I’ve amassed over the past decade while working in deep tech, science, and engineering.
    • List of all the non-profit organizations and professional societies that I’m affiliated with as a volunteer.

Have other ideas for what you’d like to see on my website? Please leave a comment or directly email me via my contact page. Thank you so very much for your support and interest in my efforts!!!

Crypto Donation Wallet

Please send crypto donations to the following wallet address:


The following ASA network crypto tokens are accepted at this address:

    • ALGO
    • ARCC
    • CHOICE
    • OPUL
    • SMILE
    • USDT
    • XET
    • YLDY

Please leave an email address or contact info in the notes of the transaction if you’d like to receive a direct message from me.