Wealthsimple Update Account Agreement

Wealthsimple, the Canadian-based online investment management platform, has recently updated its account agreement. The change impacts all Wealthsimple users and is part of the company`s ongoing efforts to provide a more transparent and secure investment experience.

The updated account agreement includes several changes that users need to be aware of, including:

1. Identity Verification: Wealthsimple will now require additional identity verification for all new and existing users. Users will be required to provide additional information, including their country of residence and social security number.

2. Account Fees: Wealthsimple has updated its account fees. The company will continue to charge a management fee of 0.5% for accounts with a balance of up to $99,999. For accounts with a balance of $100,000 or more, Wealthsimple will now charge a management fee of 0.4%.

3. Account Closure: Wealthsimple has updated its account closure policy. Users who wish to close their accounts will now be required to provide written notice to Wealthsimple. The company will also require users to provide a reason for closing their account.

4. Account Ownership: Wealthsimple has clarified its account ownership policy. Users can now add and remove account owners at any time, but all account owners must provide identity verification.

5. Security Measures: Wealthsimple has updated its security measures to provide users with better protection against fraud and identity theft. The company has implemented additional security measures, including multi-factor authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts.

Overall, the update to Wealthsimple`s account agreement is a positive step towards providing users with a more transparent and secure investment experience. Users are encouraged to review the updated agreement carefully and contact Wealthsimple with any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, Wealthsimple`s update to its account agreement highlights the company`s commitment to providing users with a secure and transparent investment experience. The changes made by Wealthsimple will help protect users against fraud and identity theft while also providing more fee transparency and flexibility in account ownership. As a Wealthsimple user, it is essential to review and understand the updated account agreement to ensure compliance and to take advantage of the benefits that the changes provide.