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I am excited to get in contact with you. Feel free to reach out to me even if it is to say hello or tell me a funny chemistry joke. To give you an idea here are some things I am most interested in that can form talking points:

  • Chemical engineering
    • Water Desalination
    • Battery Technology
    • Nuclear energy
    • Internships
  • Tutoring Services
    • General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
    • Physics I, II, III, & IV
    • Calculus I, II, III
    • Biology, Microbiology,
    • Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics
  • American Red Cross Certification Services
    • First-Aid/CPR/AED
    • Lifeguarding
  • Miscellaneous
    • Building your own website or improvements to my website
    • Philosophies of science, health, wealth, and love
    • STEAM education programs
    • Manufacturing graphene-based materials