I believe there is freedom in a life devoted to continual education and learning. From web development to building electrical circuits, from writing a book to publishing an academic paper, and from running a business to managing investment portfolios, a whole world of learning exists. My favorite topics to teach are chemistry and calculus. I  hope to one day become a professor and inspire students to pursue a path in the sciences.



Aspiring Chemical Engineer

My path to becoming a chemical engineer began during my first organic chemistry course at Camden County College. In this class, I did not struggle - I excelled. I loved learning how fundamental building blocks of life could assemble together to create a universe full of complex and useful compounds.     Interestingly enough, the logo of my brand is two radical arrows pointing in opposite directions, representing an up and down equilibrium between my growth and the principles I live by.  I'm most interested in using my chemical engineering degree to innovate new, sustainable ways towards which the world manages it's natural resources. 





My first business started as a neighbourhood landscaping and shovelling operation. Since then I became licensed, in 2015, to provide American Red Cross Health and Safety Courses, such as Lifeguarding, First-Aid, CPR, and AED training, under my business named Taught Certifications. I also co-founded an up-and-coming self-improvement service, called WebbinsSteintraut, where services such as resume templates, and life advice is found. My greatest joy is being able to create content and services that can benefit others. 


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