Sublet Agreement Template Massachusetts

To get a sublet, you must be a tenant with a lease.21 This is one of the advantages of a lease. If your lease agreement does not mention or prohibits subletting, you are free to do so.22 Most lease agreements require a lessor to give written consent before you can sublet. If this is the case, contact the landlord and try to obtain your written consent before subletting. Since the original tenant is always responsible for the subtenant when the property is sublet, Massachusetts law provides that the landlord cannot withdraw more than one month`s rent. If the original tenant did not receive a deposit or if it was less than one month`s rent, the lessor can apply the deposit to the subtenant. If the landlord categorically refuses to allow you to sublet, send the following message to the subtenant: With a sublease agreement, a standard tenant living under a fixed-term tenancy agreement has options that they may not have if, in most cases, they don`t have. One of the main disadvantages of a fixed-term lease is that it can have serious repercussions on those who violate the agreement, the weakest of which is a negative credit result. With one of these unique agreements, the tenant effectively becomes the owner in a subletting and subletting agreement, and the original owner won`t have much to do with the new subletting. One of these agreements can be beneficial in several ways for a potential undernumer. For example, if the original tenant lives off campus in a college town like Amherst, Northampton or Cambridge, he or she may still want to return home during the off semester. If so, he or she must either pay the rent for the period they are not in town or accommodate a subtenant. During the period of absence of the original tenant, the subtenant will reside in the off-campus unit and will be responsible for paying rent and incidentals in the unit. If a landlord refuses to give you written permission to sublet your apartment, there are two ways to try to solve this problem.

Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to sublet without the owner`s permission, you risk the landlord trying to evict you for violating your lease. If you need to temporarily move out of your apartment and don`t want to pay rent while you`re away, it`s possible to rent your apartment to someone else for a certain period of time. A sublet is designed as a temporary agreement where a subtenant returns the apartment to the original tenant before the end of the original lease. If you make a deal to rent an apartment to someone else and you don`t plan to come back, this is called the order. (For more information, see the section in this chapter titled You assign your rental.) A document indicating this intention may be sent either by certified mail or by first-class courier, and the document must clearly indicate the name of the potential sub-recipient. . . .