The Agreement On Cessation Of Hostilities

The International Commission was set up at the time of the cessation of hostilities in Indochina in order to carry out the tasks provided for in Article 36. It was also agreed that, on both sides of the demarcation line, a demilitarized zone no more than 5 km wide of it would be set up to act as a buffer zone and to avoid any incident that could lead to the resumption of hostilities. The International Commission is responsible for monitoring the proper implementation of the provisions of the agreement by the parties. To this end, it performs the functions of monitoring, observation and investigation relating to the application of the provisions of the cessation of hostilities agreement and, in particular: b) by “civilly internal person”, is defined as all persons who have contributed in one way or another to the political and armed struggle between the two parties. were arrested for this reason and detained by both sides during the period of hostilities. (c) Each party undertakes to refrain from any form of repression or discrimination against persons or entities because of its activities during hostilities and to guarantee its democratic freedoms. (f) The Trung Gia Military Commission, then the Joint Commission, jointly establishes the precise procedure for withdrawing combatants and withdrawing and transferring troops, on the basis of the above principles and within the following framework: the International Commission sets up fixed and mobile inspection teams composed of an equal number of officers appointed by each of the aforementioned States. Fixed teams are at the following points: Laokay, Langson, Tien-Yen, Haiphong, Vinh, Dong-Hoi, Muong-Sen, Tourane, Quinhon, Nhatrang, Bangoi, Saigon, Cap Saint-Jacques, Tranchau. These locations may be modified at a later date at the request of the Joint Commission or one of the parties or the International Commission itself, by mutual agreement between the International Commission and the order of the party concerned. The areas of action of the mobile teams are the regions bordering Vietnam and Vietnam, the demarcation lines between the cluster zones and the demilitarized zones.