Skype For Business Service Level Agreement

21.1 With Skype mobile software applications, users can use some of Skype products (e.g.B. phone calls, Internet messaging (chat) and making and/or receiving Skype calls to Skype via the Skype mobile app and other Skype mobile software applications. The use of Skype software via mobile applications is only available to some users. Check the functions you have. Skype reserves the right to add or remove features of Skype mobile software applications at any time. To enable and use Skype mobile software applications, users of your linked account need access to a mobile data network. They must also download and install the corresponding mobile/cellular version of Skype software on their mobile device. 20.3.1 This Skype product is available to all users of linked accounts. A linked account user is billed by SMS for all SMS sent by Skype to SMS-enabled numbers worldwide – see to get all the features and destinations available. 10.5.3 Promotional Offers: Skype may offer free paid products during a trial period. Skype reserves the right to charge you for these Skype products (at normal prices) if Skype finds (at its sole discretion) that you are abusing the terms of the offer, including if you use a service, proxy or other device or anonymous IP address that prevents us from finding you. CTS provides 24×7 service support, including state vacations. The systems (s) defined in this service level agreement are available 24 hours a day, with the exception of the planned maintenance as defined here.

The scheduled maintenance will be in place from Sunday 10:00 a.m. to Sunday 4:00 p.m. This planned maintenance window is only used when needed (e.B. hardware and software upgrades, software patches, faulty hardware exchange, application changes). “Consumer TOU”: The Http:// agreement of Microsoft Services, which regulates the use of Skype Internet communication products that can be used with a consumer account; Recording note: recording message. The laws of some jurisdictions require that individuals be informed or consent before intercepting, monitoring and/or recording their communications and/or limiting the collection, storage and use of personal data.