Lot Line Adjustment Agreement

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that an environmental study be conducted for certain types of projects. As a general rule, batch line adaptations are excluded from the CEQA requirements. Most people often find it too difficult to say exactly where their ownership limits are without hiring a professional to conduct a land survey. If you decide to set up a licensed surveyor, he or she comes to your country and places brands that mark the boundaries of your land. A list of licensed surveyors near you can easily be found in your local phone book or on the Internet. It`s often best to call some of these companies, explain what you expect from them, and then hire the one you think is best for the job. In the case of simple online adjustments of lots that are not eligible for over-the-counter processing, you should expect a first written response within 30 days of submitting the preliminary examination application. Once the application is complete and the processing fee is paid, a simple adjustment of the draw line takes about eleven (11) business days to obtain a notice of decision. Due to the reduced processing time, no prior report is established.

Instead, copies of the Agency`s submissions received during the review period are included in the notice. 19.16.090 Authorization to adapt borders – registration. The ministry will then ask the county surveyor to verify the proposed legal description. If the legal description is satisfactory and everything else is in order, a decision release (letter) is sent to your representative to inform them of our action. This notification contains conditions of approval that must be met in order to obtain a certificate of compliance. At this point, your draw line adjustment is approved (in the concept). However, the lots are not yet suitable. C.

The underwriting and transport floor of the demarcation line must include a binding agreement stating that the country receiving the aid is intended exclusively to adapt the boundary between the parcels and must not be sold or transferred by the beneficiary, heirs and beneficiaries of the assignment as a separate parcel. 1284-17 No. 2 (Exh. B); 1144-12 No. 2 (Exh. A) 8. Where the proposed configuration requires the creation of new or private roads; requires the public right to take precedence or the establishment of access facilities; or requires improvements on existing roads or private roads to meet current development standards. A control line adjustment is not the appropriate mechanism for reconfiguring lots when new or improved infrastructure is needed to manage the revised loss configuration. D. If, as part of a formal subdivision, the proposed adaptation of the boundary line is not contrary to the conditions of the subdivision authorization or to the city`s subdivision by-law. C.

The random draw adaptations should not be proposed or planned for any of the following measures: when reviewing the boundary adjustment proposal, the director or his or her repressant uses the following approval criteria. To be approved, an application must meet all the following criteria: 2. Adaptation of the batch lines, which were created only for ordering purposes. Lots produced exclusively for tax purposes are not considered to be existing lots. F. Card requirements. The limitation line adaptation maps must include a detailed map of existing land boundaries and square area of existing parcels, as well as a clear representation of the boundary to be moved, as well as the configuration and square area of the resulting parcels. Adjacent public access rights must be demonstrated to demonstrate that each resulting package has the necessary public access.

Q. What is the power of the planning committee to verify the adjustments to the draw line? one. The authority of the planning committee is set out in RSA 674:1 and further in RSA 674:35, which expressly allows the city to authorize the planning committee to regulate the subdivision of the land.