Grabfood Merchant Agreement

21.1. The agreement of a third-party supplier for the driver to agree to provide a food delivery service to the distributor of the end-user of the grave, in particular the GrabFood service, constitutes an independent agreement between the end user and the driver, who is not an employee or agent of Grab. We encourage contactless payment, especially during this period. Therefore, when you sign up for GrabFood, the registration form would also include the GrabPay service, which allows dealer partners to accept GrabPay in the store. All your GrabPay transactions go to your wallet, so you can track your income with one look. Due to the massive number of dealer registrations, please expect results for verification of documents within 5-9 business days. 1) Clean Android device: The activation fee for dealers who download the Grab-Concession app on their own Android devices is $100/Outlet. However, please note that you cannot print supporting documents. 1) You can download the grab-merchant app on your own Android device. As such, you will only have a $100 activation fee/ Outlet.

However, this method does not allow you to print supporting documents. 1. Sign up as GrabFood Merchant Partners via this website. 2. Receive an email with the form and password to register within 5 minutes. 3. Choose the dealer`s status under the theme “Add extra branhces with the same possession or addition of extra branhces”” 4. Fill in the right information about your dealer and you will receive an electronic contract to sign by email within 1 day.

5. After signing the e-contract, you will receive an email within 3-5 business days to find out how to use the GrabMerchant app yourself. 9.1.4 Each contracting party is not late by an agreement to which each party is bound, likely to have a substantial and negative impact on the financial situation of each party, or any party that is able to fulfil its obligations under this agreement, nor any action, procedure, claim, investigation, judicial proceeding or arbitration against each party likely to have a similar or similar effect; and “agreement,” this Agreement, and all schedules may be amended, amended, amended or supplemented from time to time by the parties; The rest, if any, is used to cover operating costs, including delivery insurance, safety equipment (face mask, etc.), grabresols, cashless payment fees (e.g. B, credit card fees of 1% to 3% of transaction value), product and service improvements, marketing fees and backend staff such as customer service for merchants, consumers and supplier partners.