Board Resolution Approving Stock Purchase Agreement

RESOLVED THAT the company`s name and designation of the authorized person be authorized, on behalf of the company, to carry out the G.S.O., including the signing of letters, declarations, agreements and other documents that the company could sign with respect to the OSG and to do all the necessary acts, acts and things to implement it in the same manner. “DE DETERMINED that, in accordance with the provisions of Section 179 (3)e) and all other applicable provisions of the Corporations Act, 2013, with the rules provided for (including legislative amendments or decrees that are in effect at this time) and subject to the limits set out in Section 186, which are applicable to Rule 11 -13 of the companies (board meetings and their powers), 2014 and the provisions of the company`s statutes, the approval of the company`s board of directors and is heres` approval and is heresy.” []in the purchase of []shares/preferred shares of [`] Limited [`name of the transferor`] company, a company [Public/Private] Limited Company with CIN []; DETERMINED that the proposed share purchase agreement (“SPA”) between the company and [the name of the company/transfer company], as submitted to the Board of Directors and initiated by the Chairman for identification, approval and authorization);