Ut Consortium Agreement

A consortium agreement is a mandatory agreement between eligible institutions that allows you to obtain financial assistance from your home institution, UT Austin, while you visit another institution (host institution). With this form, you can request a review of financial assistance for the hours needed to graduate when visiting another institution. If you have any questions about the consortium agreement process, please contact the level graduationhelpdesk@utexas.edu support service. . Texas Financial Wellness is a campus-wide financial skills program that offers monetary management events, training and financial coaching for all UT students, both financial and non-financial. If you visit the Texas Financial Wellness > students interested in enrolling in the Finish@UT program, you must be approved by your academic advisor. UT Austin`s mission is to enroll and graduate the most talented Texan students by offering competitive recruitment and scholarship formulas that make college, regardless of income, an option for high-potential students. Our commitment to accessibility is to give students the opportunity to make full use of everything the university has to offer in four years to reduce student costs and debts. Students, contact Texas One Stop for questions about financial assistance, scholarships and loans. Texas One Stop is located on the ground floor of the Main (the Tower). Please note that wearing a protective mask and planning an appointment is required to visit Texas One Stop. If you can`t get in person, you can still call Texas One Stop at (512) 232-6988 or email onestop@utexas.edu. Note: Consortium agreements are not accepted until after the census day of the host school.

After completing either your FAFSA or your TAFSA, this claim form asks you to reassess your participation fees, the estimated cost of all expenses that determine your maximum eligibility. This can be expenses for computers, additional manuals and accessories, increased rent/mortgage and child care. We are the official office that oversees federal grants and loans, federal and public work studies, public scholarships, Texas Advance Commitment and external scholarships. Our competent and accessible staff will take care of students, their families, teachers and staff in due course. Use this form if you already have a degree, but if you need a second or teacher certification or if you are taking a course thesis necessary to enter your studies. Visit Texas One Stop for information on fees, scholarships and financial assistance. We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the financial support process. When you complete your FAFSA, you will receive dependency status on or independently. Use this form if you need to change your dependency status and show why you need to change your dependency status.

Please read the following requirements to send the UTSA consortium contract form to the One Stop Enrollment Center. Use this claim form to request consideration of changes in the income of students and/or parents based on mitigating circumstances related to the 2020-2021 academic year. Please send this form via DocuSign. You can request a PDF file by email to onestop@utexas.edu, but please note that pdf processing times may be delayed. With this form, you can apply to UT to certify your approved university access loan for the 2020-2021 academic year. Additional guidelines on consortium agreements: . After completing your FAFSA or TAFSA, you apply with this claim form for a review and possible adjustment of your planned family contribution for the academic year 2020-2021, depending on the additional costs incurred.