Turkey Somalia Military Agreement

In Turkey`s history, the Turkish armed forces have participated in numerous coups in the past aimed at preserving the principles of secularism and democracy, reflecting their participation in domestic politics. [28] In recent years, Turkish military power has also become an instrument for the implementation of Turkish foreign policy, which has focused on becoming a major independent power in the world. [29] In 2017, the Turkish Defence Industry Presidency stated: “Developing the defence industry`s exports and creating new sectors of international cooperation to increase their competitiveness in international markets” as part of its strategic objectives. [9] Turkey`s vision for 2023 involves opening new markets in Asia and Africa to achieve the country`s defence industry product objectives. [9] Such a policy has helped Turkey build a defence industry that is not dependent on outside powers. [30] The TURKSOM camp was one of the symbols used by Turkey to deploy its growing economic and geopolitical presence in East Africa. [20] The camp has allowed Turkey to play an increasingly important role in ensuring security in Somalia by training soldiers to help resolve regional tensions and crises. [21] The camp was part of Turkey`s largest humanitarian and military aid project in Somalia. Major organizations such as the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (T-KA) and the Turkish Red Crescent (Kzélay) have provided development and medical assistance to Somalia as part of this enhanced Turkish commitment. [21] Since 2011, activities by organizations such as these have already helped alleviate famine and improve public institutions in the country. [20] The established military base increases this existing participation only by providing a security dimension. Turkey`s involvement in Somalia was described by the Director of the Africa Research Centre at Istanbul`s Aydin University: “As a NATO member and an inspiring candidate for EU membership, Turkey`s efforts in Somalia are more likely to create international coordination and cooperation than to create conflict and unrest… Many African countries depend on aid and U.S.

aid is an important part of their work as nation states, as Turkey, one of Somalia`s major donors, goes further by developing military capability. This is particularly important because development requires the establishment of a military capability that is not fully present in Somalia. [20] Another African expert, Hasan Ozturk of a think tank in Istanbul, commented on the camp`s role: “For years, Turkey has been offering military officers to many African Union (AU) countries, including Somalia. Hosting them and training them every time in Turkey has been expensive… Such training will also help Turkey`s broader international trade priorities, as the training will include anti-piracy measures to which Turkey has contributed in the past. [20] In January 2015, Mohamud and Erdogan simultaneously inaugurated a series of new development projects built by Turkey in Somalia, including the Digfer Hospital in the capital. [14] [19] It was renamed at the same time the Erdogan Hospital in honor of Erdogan. [20] The new 200-bed Somalia-Turkey training and research hospital was established by the Turkish Development Agency, the Turkish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (TIKA), in accordance with a previous bilateral agreement between Somalia and Turkey.