Protocol 31 To The Eea Agreement

However, the Competent Authority, in accordance with Article 56 of the agreement, authorizes specialisation or co-purchase or co-sale agreements for the products covered in paragraph 1 when it finds that: officials duly accredited by one of the contracting parties, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions set by the latter, by the offices of the required authority or any other authority , to obtain information on the violation of customs legislation that the applicant authority needs for the purposes of this protocol. Subject to the procedure under Article 9 ter, paragraph 3, of this Protocol, the time limits in paragraph 1 do not apply if international security agreements between the contracting party and third countries provide otherwise. On the community`s initiative, mutual recognition agreements from third countries on the assessment of compliance of products for which the use of a trademark is provided for by EU legislation are negotiated. The Community will negotiate on the basis of parallel mutual recognition agreements between the third countries concerned and the EFTA countries, which correspond to those to be concluded with the Community. The parties cooperate in accordance with the general information and consultation procedures of the EEA agreement. In the event of differences in relations with third countries, they are dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the EEA agreement. If the Competent Authority finds that certain agreements of a strictly analog and effect nature are concluded with the above provisions, it authorizes them, among other things, that this paragraph applies to distributors, it also authorizes them, if they have ensured that they meet the same requirements. with regard to EFTA States, by the EFTA Supervisory Authority, in accordance with the rules of an agreement between EFTA states establishing the EFTA Supervisory Authority, which is responsible for the powers and functions defined in Protocol 26.