Green River College Collective Bargaining Agreement

In addition to these statutory holidays, workers are also entitled to paid personal leave, as provided for by existing collective agreements and college directives. Policy Barring legal or negotiated agreements, workers are required to use and exhaust paid leave such as leave, personal leave, compensatory leave or sick leave when they require working time. Unless legal or negotiated agreement is reached, leave without payment is granted only at the discretion and comfort of Green River. Any application for leave without payment will be reviewed on its own and given the impact of the leave on the Green River operation. It is about publishing links to collective agreements negotiated by public universities when we receive them. If the name of the university or university is not linked, we have not received any information about their negotiated agreements. In accordance with the RCW Directive 1.16.050 amended by SSB 5173 and SSB 5166, college staff and students are entitled to unpaid leave or absenteeism as described in this directive. In addition, some workers are entitled to paid statutory holidays when such leave takes place during the duration of their employment and workers are allowed to pay on those days in accordance with existing collective agreements, directives or contracts. We, the Green River United Faculty Coalition, are against the unfair labour practices of the university`s president, Eileen Ely, and the board of directors. The three-day strike will take place from Monday, May 23 to Wednesday, May 25 and will take place on all four university campuses. The strike was called in protest at the recent in a long stream of unfair and unfair labor practices by college administration. Notwithstanding class expectations or a course principal`s scoring guidelines, absences authorized under this directive do not adversely affect a student`s grade. Quiet place to work, supervisor is friendly and helpful if necessary, the employees are also friendly and helpful.

Procedure Employees must report unpaid leave on the Employee Electronic Time/Leave Reporting (TLR) system. The worker should do so “as soon as possible” (“as soon as possible” usually means at least oral communication to the Office of Personnel and Law within two working days of learning of the need for leave.) The leave must be approved by the supervisor of the department concerned. All absences under this directive must be approved by one of the deans of student affairs prior to absence. The university will not allow an absence for a student after the absence without mandatory circumstances. “Friendly workplace, everyone in the international program is beautiful, and you can really learn a lot” (in 6 reviews) PurposeA to ensure that employees use accumulated paid leave for absences when possible.